Social & environmental cooperation

The City of Toronto invited eighty diverse community partners to workshop a direction for a City-wide strategy to engage residents in climate action in support of the City’s Climate Action Plan – TransformTO. As the workshop designers and facilitators we created interactive activities to foster networks and spark new ideas for collaboration among community partners directly involved in climate action with stakeholders who work in community development (who to date have not been part of the climate action conversation). Using a range of creative climate justice and collective impact precedents, as well as findings from stakeholder interviews and network mapping, we were able to center the workshop on stakeholders’ needs and challenges, and to lead them to identify innovative opportunity areas for resident engagement.

I found Groundswell to be very approachable, professional and organized. Their team was able to bring many unique and creative ideas to the workshop development process that contributed to its overall success. Many workshop participants specifically commented on the great job done by the facilitation team. The Groundswell Projects team exceeded our expectations.

Tamara Grossutti
Project Lead
The City of Toronto